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The tuna from the Mediterranean Sea has always been considered as great value food, both in Italy and abroad, for instance, in Japan Bluefin tuna is a real delicacy.

It is a rare fish-type, which is caught now only in limited quantities. The characteristics that distinguish it from other tuna varieties are to be found in the particular consistency of its meat, its unique flavor and its versatility and make it sought by chefs from all around the world.

To enhance the quality of this product and to preserve its taste, Macaluso even today cooks the tuna in water and sea salt, and follows a strict processing procedure, faithful to the ancient Sicilian tradition.

Due Pavoni - Packaging Tonno.

Once upon a time in Palermo, (Panormus: city across the harbor) thousands of fishing boats arrived every day to bring to the mainland the high quality fishes caught in the Mediterranean Sea: Bluefin tuna, anchovies, mackerel and sardines. The famous little port of Sant’Erasmo, adjacent to the port of Palermo, has always been dedicated to Santo Erasmo (known elsewhere as Sant'Elmo), the protector of fishermen.

According the legend a boat saved the shipwrecked Erasmus. The captain of the boat asked who he was and when the Saint showed up the sailors wanted a demonstration, Erasmus was already known for his wonders. So he promised that, from that moment, he would watch over their travels, and when they were in danger because of the storm he would warn them with a clearly visible fire at sea.

After that, many ships saw these fires, and famous navigators, such as Fernando Colombo, son of Admiral Cristoforo, and Antonio Pigafetta who circumnavigated the Earth with Magellan noted the episodes on their diaries.

In honor of Sant'Erasmo we have dedicated to him and to the area where our company was born in 1922, our precious line of high quality fish from the Mediterranean sea and produced in Sicily.