A century-long history.


Francesco Macaluso, called Nonno Ciccio, begins the production of canned oily fish and Mediterranean tuna fish with its small fleet under the brand Due Pavoni.


Macaluso srl is born, managed by Gaetano, Antonino and Salvatore, the three sons of Francesco Macaluso.


The family strengthens the company, thanks to the new processing of Yellow fin tuna, the imported tuna par excellence.


Coalma S.p.a. (Conserve Alimentari Macaluso) is born. A company entirely devoted to fishing and to the production of high quality canned tuna fish, respecting the traditional Sicilian recipe.


Coalma creates a new brand: Sant'Erasmo (from the homonymous quarter of Palermo in which Francesco Macaluso created his company in the early '20s). This new brand places side-by-side Due Pavoni and Coalma tuna brands.


A new generation change - under the aegis of the Macaluso family-, we attend the fleet development and the beginning of trade relations with Japan for the export of Mediterranean Bluefin tuna.


Macaluso S.p.A is born, a new great project of the Macaluso family - by now at his fourth generation - in conjunction with a group of clever Sicilian businesspersons. The new company is entirely dedicated to the production and selection of excellent fish and Sicilian agro-food.


Macaluso and its fish brands join Cofisa S.A., an important fish company based in Portugal, with the aim of developing the Italian market together in all commercial channels. New products come into the assortment guaranteeing to the consumers the values and the quality of almost 100 years ago.

We use fishing methods that respect the environment.

We preserve traditional processing techniques.

We produce authentic quality working with passion.

Responsible fishing.

We glean our raw materials from the fishing areas in bold. We only catch adult Yellowfin tunas over 20kg using purse seine nets. This fishing method has a littler impact on the ecosystem and it allows a more selective fish, reducing the risk of catching other species.

ATLANTIC OCEAN: Zona FAO 21, 31, 34, 41, 47.

Coalma - Icona - Mantiene le ossa forti

We keep safeguarding the quality of our products and we try to improve it every day, through the careful selection of raw material and constant monitoring of product processing.

Our partners also apply rigorous food safety standards required by current regulations. Among the certifications stand out: the HACCP certification, for the adoption of suitable measures for the prevention of risks for food safety; Friend of the sea certification, for the use of selective fishing techniques that reduce the impact on the ecosystem; IFS certification, to ensure that the products are processed in compliance with international safety and quality standards.

What does sustainable tuna mean?
Come from a fishing whose practices can be maintained without reducing the population of target species; Be captured without negatively affecting other species inside the ecosystem; Ensure the maintenance of the quality, diversity and availability of fishing resources in sufficient quantities for present and future generations.

We fully believe in these principles and we only fish tuna from unexploited areas on the basis of the most recent official data of the bodies in charge of each FAO fishing area. We are transparent to our consumers, indicating on our packs the fish species and the fishing area. We diversify the catch, producing some first choice fish varieties such as Mediterranean tuna, yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna and various blue fish such as mackerel, anchovies and sardines. We only purchase fish raw materials from legal and registered fishing vessels, which do not compromise the life of dolphins and other marine species.