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Since 1922 with undiminished passion for the sea and its fruit, we have been producing Coalma l’Autentico tuna. Carefully selecting the best Yellowfin tuna and only genuine ingredients.

The respect for our consumers starts from the beginning, through the safeguard of our oceans, a resource for everyone. We only select certified fish from unexploited areas. Our tuna is Friend of the sea and Dolphin Safe certified.

We only fish adult tuna through sustainable methods, which respect the marine ecosystem: pole and line and purse seine fishing, without the use of FAD (fish aggregating devices), in order to eliminate the accidental catches of other fish species.

Coalma main products are: Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), mackerel, octopus and squid.

Since 1922 we have been processing our Coalma tuna following the ancient recipe of the cooking in water and sea salt. This technique gives a unique taste to our product that reminds the old-time flavor!

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