Coalma. Since 1922, as the Sea will.

Processed entirely in fishing areas, we work our Coalma tuna following the ancient recipe of the cooking in water and sea salt.

This technique gives a unique taste to our product that reminds the old-time flavor!

We use fishing methods that respect the environment.

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We preserve traditional processing techniques.

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We produce authentic quality working with passion.

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A century-long history.


Francesco Macaluso, called Nonno Ciccio, begins the production of canned oily fish and Mediterranean tuna fish with its small fleet under the brand Due Pavoni.


Macaluso srl is born, managed by Gaetano, Antonino and Salvatore, the three sons of Francesco Macaluso.


The family strengthens the company, thanks to the new processing of Yellow fin tuna, the imported tuna par excellence.


Coalma S.p.a. (Conserve Alimentari Macaluso) is born. A company entirely devoted to fishing and to the production of high quality canned tuna fish, respecting the traditional Sicilian recipe.


Coalma creates a new brand: Sant'Erasmo (from the homonymous quarter of Palermo in which Francesco Macaluso created his company in the early '20s). This new brand places side-by-side Due Pavoni and Coalma tuna brands.


A new generation change - under the aegis of the Macaluso family-, we attend the fleet development and the beginning of trade relations with Japan for the export of Mediterranean Bluefin tuna.


Macaluso S.p.A is born, a new great project of the Macaluso family - by now at his fourth generation - in conjunction with a group of clever Sicilian businesspersons. The new company is entirely dedicated to the production and selection of excellent fish and Sicilian agro-food.

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