Since 1922 we have followed our rules.
And we will never change them.

We carefully choose the seas where we fish and we use eco-friendly fishing methods.

We keep traditional methods such as cooking the tuna in water and sea salt and the handmade processing.

We realize only excellent products and we work with people who love their job.

Since 1922 with undiminished passion for the sea and its fruit, we have been producing Coalma l’Autentico tuna. Carefully selecting the best Yellowfin tuna and only genuine ingredients.

Cooked in water and salt as the traditional Sicilian recipe wants, that to exalt the quality of the raw material for his simplicity. Due Pavoni is the Sicilian’s tuna.

The refined Sant’ Erasmo line introduces only the excellence fished in the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by the processing techniques of the Bluefin tuna.